Desde la celosía

Expresarme sin hacerme entender




Shout liar

thousands of times


from your window frame


the dust in my ears

said you hate

you blame

shout you


said love




Entre cortos

Irradio virutas
En un cono de tiempo
Oscuras esperas
En el silencio de los otros
Vibrando en tu frecuencia
Podria repetir esa escena
Y sentir cosas diferentes
En esa mirada cansada
Ansias de estaciones
Rieles infinitos
Recorridos cortos
Hacia un destino
Deseando que la memoria
Fuese mala
Delirando en los nortes
Buscando nadas
Acampando en los soles
Entre limites
Las huellas de tu voz









The shore

Alone she strolls, pensive steps on rocks
He once was there, wanders along the ardent shore
The saline exude his trace, she had not scented before
He emerges as she lusted for
his eyes recall hers
The semblance of both remain still
an unbreakable mirror
wanting the most
Remains not encountered though

El hoyo

Esta tierra pisada

no es sino un hoyo negro

de verbos perdidos

miras y tropiezas

anhelas estrellas

aun desconocidas

desconozco aun mas

esta gente dormida

que celebra

míseras alegrías

egos y cínicos

de donde soy

a donde voy

Odd (based on a dream)

Exes are not supposes to be around. Though I was visiting one of them. He lived in a big old house with his divorced parents. His father was still thinking of a leftist revolution, his mother was spending her time trying on fashionable and colorful outfits. Sudddenly, there were a multitude in singing odd songs. They looked blissful but the feel of the songs was sad.
Then, the atmosphere changed and I found myself in a audition for a movie. I got enthusiastic and performed for the role of an insecure young woman. Actually I did not have any idea about the plot.
I took a rest and left the house for a while and walked in the middle of the night. The streets were empty and gloomy. Far from the house, I could see lights and dance music. There was a sort of an improvised disco, and  I stopped at to buy a cola.
Standing at the entrance, I was surrounded by three men pretending to buy some beer. I could see their shady clothing, their shoes and their hands but not their faces, the scare made me look down.
They told me to stand still. And the youngest of them pointed the gun to my head with his gun. He seemed full of rage, shouting at me, threatening me. I could see more of him than his partners. I glimpsed his nose and lips. I feared the worse.
His fellows were convincing him to leave as there was nothing to rob in the disco. But he was so obsessed with me. He would leave me alive but he hated me so he got back to point the gun to me again. This time I saw love inside the hate. I loved him too and asked him to stay, yet I did not see his eyes.
The police came and he kept threatening. He kissed me and then shot himself.


Longed for once I had
If I ever had
More words I could keep saying
Ideas perhaps
Nothing could be understood
In my own silence
In it the structures fade away
No circles are found
When a point travels to
Somewhere else
I look down in sorrow
My hands are rubbed in doubts
Sweating in the sea of madness




No (English)

‘d never regret my thoughts on you
Every note meant, it had a piece of you
Mornings had your smile
In the absences of your hands



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